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You found a Pretty Awesome Timeline!

You found a Pretty Awesome Timeline!

While browsing the interwebs, I stumbled upon this well written article about the Best Games for the Nintendo 64.

As the hardcore Gamer that I am, I couldn’t resist to look through the countdown and see how many of those games I actually played, owned, or both!  I won’t go into much detail about the countdown because the GameRadar Staff did us all a favor and went through all 50 games giving a small, little spiel about each one (which I thought was pretty fucking cool). For the most part, I agreed with how the countdown was constructed. So as a fellow Gamer, I decided to share the love with you all.

I encourage everyone, even more so those who grew up with Nintendo like myself, to look through this fantastic yet melancholic timeline which paved the way for many of our current favorite virtual worlds. From popular titles like Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to underrated and obscure (but AMAZING) games as the likes of Mischief Makers… Embark on a journey down N64 Memory Lane.

See you around!

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Who’s that Pokémon?! It’s… … Sylveon…?

(Shrieks like a little schoolboy.)

AAAAAHHHHHH!  There’s a new Eeveelution in the world of Pokémon!  It’s name: SYLVEON!


The upcoming Pokémon X & Y has confirmed Eeevee will be having its 8th (optional) evolution.  There’s basically nothing revealed about this new addition to the Eevee team.  The only data available to us is a bunch of pictures, a few stats, and a video trailer.  No move list, TM/HM list, or even if it has a gender.  Sylveon’s type has not been revealed either.  So being the Eeveelution fan that I am, I tried to guess which type Sylveon will embody.


In the nice, little chart above are all existing Pokémon types – let’s start!  I’m certain Sylveon won’t be any of the types Eevee evolves into so far.  With that, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, and Dark are off the list. I’m taking out Rock, Ground, and Steel because this new Pokémon is…  Well…  Too damn cute. And the colors don’t match the aforementioned 3 types – one thing that characterizes Eevee’s evolutions is the color-element matching schema.

Seven types left: Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Bug, Dragon, and Ghost.  I’m going to go ahead and eliminate Bug, Ghost, and Dragon simply judging by aesthetics.  I believe Sylveon lacks characteristics that makes it look either like a creepy crawler, a poltergeist, or a mystical reptile-like creature.  I thought Fighting type Eeveelution would be pretty cool, but Sylveon looks too delicate.  As for it being a Flying type, I hope not.  I want a celestial looking white dog with kickass wings – like Pegasus.  Period.

It is my guess Sylveon will be a Poison type or a Normal type.  Its body looks elegant enough to fit both types as well as its color layout.  Personally, I would LOVE for Sylveon to be a Poison type.  Poison types hold a special place in my heart because many of them epitomize mystery and manipulation – appealing facets.  However, I wouldn’t mind Sylveon being a Normal type.  I believe Eevee has gone through enough generations for it to have an evolution that doesn’t require a stone or the time of day.  Let Eevee have its chance to enjoy a level based transformation for goodness sake!

In the end, whatever the Sylveons of the world are destined to be, I am going to love it.  I’ve been a fan of this game since it started back in the late 1990s and the array of Eeeveelutions always fascinated me.  I cannot wait for Pokémon X & Y to come out and be able to try the new plethora of monsters roaming the lands – especially Sylveon.

What am I?


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PS4… Say it ain’t so!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken.”  And if you haven’t, it’s pretty much literal: don’t fucking touch things that are perfect.  Well, guess who might join Nintendo in the “making innovative changes but they’re really craptastic” team?  None other than PlayStation!

As I was browsing the interwebs on my way home, I stumbled upon several articles with headlines “PS4 Controller Images LEAKED!”  I obviously clicked the first article like a maniac like any Gamer would.  And what do I find?  This…

First off, the controller looks incomplete.  It lost it’s smooth, elegant, and sleek look.  PS4’s looks all bumpy and rubbery – much like a cheap toy you can find at K-Mart.  To that, let’s add that it appears like you need giant hands to take a hold of that thing.  The joysticks now will apparently have a weird circle indentation which makes it look cheap. There’s also a big random blue light on top of the controller that seems to serve no purpose but to send signals to extraterrestrial lifeforms living in another planet. And what the fuck with the touchscreen panel in the middle?  For real.  Why was that necessary?

I am hoping these leaked images are of prototype models. Let’s just say new ideas do not always equal innovative developments.

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Battle of the All-Stars!

I (finally) decided to get PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and THoANK YOU, Universe for this!  I don’t even know where to start!  The intro: fucking phenomenal.  The neon outlined characters’ silhouettes against the deep blue and black background dance beautifully on the television screen.  And the song…   HOLY SHIT.  It gets you SUPER pumped up and you haven’t even started to play the game yet.  Since many get sensitive over spoilers, I’ll leave it up to you to YouTube the intro.  However, if you want to listen to the song, here’s Finale by Madeon. Although there is no doubt this game to be incredibly entertaining and awesome, there are also “not-so-great” things. I’ll go into details as I write along.


ASBR’s gameplay is not complicated; VERY familiar to those who have played Super Smash Bros. On Solo Play, each character have their story line – which are ultimately the same: character finds a reason to fight; he/she/it fights a couple of battles and undergoes some challenges; before you know it you’re fighting your rival; and lastly the Boss battle. I have to point out that some rival match-ups are so beyond bizarre that you will find yourself trying not to choke because of the laughter (hint: Fat Princess’s story-line  ‘Nough said). ASBR also has a Versus Match, which is obviously what let’s you play with our friends and see who takes home the glory. You have the option of playing by yourself and AIs, but that’s just boring. And then you have Tournament – which I believe it’s self explanatory. And you have your extras like Practice Mode, but no one really care about those and my goal is to keep you entertained. Now on to the characters…

Whoah, what a character list (which will expand due to downloadable content)! The starter characters range from utterly hilarious to completely uptight personas making the game unique to say the least. HOWEVER, I have to point out ASBR could have done better for the starter cast. ASBR states that you’ll be playing with “iconic” characters. Now, what is exactly the definition of the word icon. Icon means, “a representative symbol of something.” So with that, and taking into consideration the game’s title, I am expecting classic characters. Characters that have put PlayStation’s name on the map. I believe ASBR failed to do that. Some of the characters are not even 5 years old and they made it to an All-Stars category? No. That is not acceptable. For example, Fat Princess (even though she’s one of my favorites) shouldn’t be there. A character like Crash Bandicoot seems more appropriate to fit such title. Also, the game has DmC’s Dante instead of the original white-haired version. Not that I am hating, but the ICONIC image of Dante is a demon hunter with white hair – not black. I am sure that many hardcore PlayStation fans will agree with me. ASBR may be able to fix this. How exactly? As mentioned above, the game plans to introduce DLC characters; hopefully, developers will actually gives us players more icons, less random bullshit.

Characters have around a move set of 20 and 3 special moves divided by levels 1, 2, and 3. The more you hit the other players, the more your special move meter fills up. The higher the level, the more powerful the special move. I encourage you to try all 3 levels of the special moves of characters you like. Why? Because honestly, some characters’ level 2 moves are better than the level 3 ones. When you play the game, you’ll see what I mean. Knowing which special move is the easiest for you to use is key. In this game you have no health meters nor you knock out people out of the stage like in SSB. When playing ASBR you need to rank up your special move meter and use your special moves on the other players. That’s the only way you will rank up your killing points – the only way to win.

ASBR is full of promise and I can’t wait to keep playing it for endless hours. If you haven’t played it, PLEASE find a way to do so and do yourself a favor. See you around!

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Enter password: O U Y A

There’s a war coming…  And I anticipate bloodshed!  If you haven’t been filled in, there’s a new wave of game consoles that (apparently)  promise to shake the pillars where the classic Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft gods stand.  And one of these newcomers goes by the name OUYA.


OUYA is an Android-based console in which you’ll be able to play Android-based games on your T.V.  I know, nothing that exciting (or at least it wasn’t for me).  HOWEVER, it does not stop there.  Apart from the Android app games, OUYA will be able to play PC-like games through OnLive streaming service .  Not only the console will have a nice selection regarding PC gaming, but OUYA has also partnered with titan companies like Namco Bandai and Square Enix.  And many of you will find this exciting: Final Fantasy III will be one of the games available for the OUYA – which indeed got me fucking excited.  If the previous reasons haven’t sparked up at least your curiosity, how about if I told you this console is only $99.00?  Yes, you read correctly.  That itself makes the console, in my opinion, appealing enough.  Especially when you compare it to the “normative” $300+ for videogame consoles on the market.  You still will have to spend a rumored $49.99 for the controller, but the combined prices of console-controller is still minuscule in my book.

OUYA hits retailers during the summer time and I cannot say I’m not excited.  Though there are various issues that cross my mind.  One of the main concerns is the intense highlighting of OUYA’s ability to use Android apps.  It makes it seem like OUYA’s only good quality is the ability to plug the apps in your Android mobile device onto the television screen.  I’m going to make a huge guess here and say that the general public does not research as much as I do when it comes to these types of things.  With that, I don’t see many people wanting to pay roughly $200 if their understanding is they’re just going to be able to play WWF (the extremely addicting Words With Friends) and some bootleg version of Bejewled on their television screens.  Yes, OUYA argues that the Android market and mobile gaming app usage has increased dramatically in these times.  Which is true.  BUT I believe most people play these “app games” on mobiles, tablets, and such mobile technology because they can take the games with them anywhere – not having to wait until they get home to play.

What do you think?  Will this new movement prove to be the next generation in gaming?  Or will the classic console trio prevail?

P.S. – Here’s a nice little video about OUYA.  See you around!


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The following post is my take on this article regarding Capcom’s new Devil May Cry game: DmC.


As a gamer, personally, changing a character’s appearance does affect me. One of the first things people encounter when buying or researching a videogame is the game’s aesthetics. I believe esthetics play a huge role in the gaming world – especially when one falls in love with a character for whatever reason and even more so if one identifies with him/her/it. I wouldn’t be to happy if you take my Mario Brothers and change their outfits into a t-shirt and jeans getup. However, after reading numerous articles about the game, I can conclude two things: 1) DMC fans are trippin’ over nothing; and 2) developers need to understand the importance of informing fans about changes.

Yes, this new game has “Dante” from the series we all loved – but to an extent. DmC is not only a reboot, but also it takes place in a parallel universe. So, with that said, for all intents and purposes, this new Dante is just that: new. Yes, there’s not that much of a “parallelism” atmosphere going on since this new Dante is still all mighty with his demonic powers and whatnot as old Dante. But in the end, it is still an alternate world. And if in this unique world Dante has dark hair now, HEY! Better than having to play as a normal human (we get enough of that in real life). So to those fans who are not buying the game because “OMG! DANTE HAS NOW DARK HAIR,” please do yourself a favor and buy it. Give your classic, white-haired Dante a break because he hasn’t changed – you just have his alternate universe persona to enjoy now. And for the developers, let this be yet another example of how EXTREMELY important it is to keep fans informed. It was a huge mistake not mentioning DmC takes place in the realm of metaphysics while in promotion. When Gamers get attached to characters, every aspect of those virtual personalities is appreciated. That includes, you guessed it – the character’s appearance.

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Press Start

Hello!  And welcome to what’s probably going to be one of the best videogame reviews blog in the history of the Universe!  …  Or at least I like to think so – and several other people that I know agree with the latter statement.  First things first: Lou-Cyo is a hardcore gamer that sadly cannot sit down and play all day err’ day like he would like due to this thing called life.  HOWEVER, that hasn’t stop my love and passion for these amazing virtual universes – especially when I’ve been a player my whole life.  Even while in the womb, I was exposed to videogames – my Mom would sit for hours and satisfy her Tetris addiction.  So whenever she goes on her rant accusing me of suffering from a videogame addiction, – which I own up to- I blame it all on her.  I am guilty of spending countless hours of my life in front of a television with a controller, its respective console, and food.  Lots of it.  I grew up alongside the gaming world and surrounded myself with wonderful people who understood how beautiful the gaming world can be.  That and because I needed friends.  I was that “uncool,” nerdy kid who played Pokémon Blue Version (Squirtle FTW) by himself…

Now that you know a tad about me, you’re probably wondering “What the fuck does that have to do with reviews?”  Fair question and simple answer: I want readers to get at least a gist of exposure to gaming.  I want to let my readers know I am not a poser trying to seem cool by posting articles and copy/paste shit.  My posts will have substance with factual information and relatable topics up for discussion.  I WANT people to feel informed and with the chance to express their opinions.  This blog is more than just me rating about videogames (which, trust me, yes I will rate the shit out of the ones I get to play).  It’s also about upcoming new videogame technology; revisiting classic games and consoles; ranting about underrated games; fans’ reactions…  You name it!  Bottom line: I want my reads to be fun and enjoyable.

I believe that’s all I have for now.  Oh!  Please be patient with me and my blog’s decor.  I am still debating on how I want it to look like.  And my computer is undergoing some repairs, so that makes it even harder to work on the blog’s display; however, I’m thanking whatever divine entity out there for cool, already developed layout codes.  See you around!

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