Press Start

07 Feb

Hello!  And welcome to what’s probably going to be one of the best videogame reviews blog in the history of the Universe!  …  Or at least I like to think so – and several other people that I know agree with the latter statement.  First things first: Lou-Cyo is a hardcore gamer that sadly cannot sit down and play all day err’ day like he would like due to this thing called life.  HOWEVER, that hasn’t stop my love and passion for these amazing virtual universes – especially when I’ve been a player my whole life.  Even while in the womb, I was exposed to videogames – my Mom would sit for hours and satisfy her Tetris addiction.  So whenever she goes on her rant accusing me of suffering from a videogame addiction, – which I own up to- I blame it all on her.  I am guilty of spending countless hours of my life in front of a television with a controller, its respective console, and food.  Lots of it.  I grew up alongside the gaming world and surrounded myself with wonderful people who understood how beautiful the gaming world can be.  That and because I needed friends.  I was that “uncool,” nerdy kid who played Pokémon Blue Version (Squirtle FTW) by himself…

Now that you know a tad about me, you’re probably wondering “What the fuck does that have to do with reviews?”  Fair question and simple answer: I want readers to get at least a gist of exposure to gaming.  I want to let my readers know I am not a poser trying to seem cool by posting articles and copy/paste shit.  My posts will have substance with factual information and relatable topics up for discussion.  I WANT people to feel informed and with the chance to express their opinions.  This blog is more than just me rating about videogames (which, trust me, yes I will rate the shit out of the ones I get to play).  It’s also about upcoming new videogame technology; revisiting classic games and consoles; ranting about underrated games; fans’ reactions…  You name it!  Bottom line: I want my reads to be fun and enjoyable.

I believe that’s all I have for now.  Oh!  Please be patient with me and my blog’s decor.  I am still debating on how I want it to look like.  And my computer is undergoing some repairs, so that makes it even harder to work on the blog’s display; however, I’m thanking whatever divine entity out there for cool, already developed layout codes.  See you around!

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