07 Feb

The following post is my take on this article regarding Capcom’s new Devil May Cry game: DmC.


As a gamer, personally, changing a character’s appearance does affect me. One of the first things people encounter when buying or researching a videogame is the game’s aesthetics. I believe esthetics play a huge role in the gaming world – especially when one falls in love with a character for whatever reason and even more so if one identifies with him/her/it. I wouldn’t be to happy if you take my Mario Brothers and change their outfits into a t-shirt and jeans getup. However, after reading numerous articles about the game, I can conclude two things: 1) DMC fans are trippin’ over nothing; and 2) developers need to understand the importance of informing fans about changes.

Yes, this new game has “Dante” from the series we all loved – but to an extent. DmC is not only a reboot, but also it takes place in a parallel universe. So, with that said, for all intents and purposes, this new Dante is just that: new. Yes, there’s not that much of a “parallelism” atmosphere going on since this new Dante is still all mighty with his demonic powers and whatnot as old Dante. But in the end, it is still an alternate world. And if in this unique world Dante has dark hair now, HEY! Better than having to play as a normal human (we get enough of that in real life). So to those fans who are not buying the game because “OMG! DANTE HAS NOW DARK HAIR,” please do yourself a favor and buy it. Give your classic, white-haired Dante a break because he hasn’t changed – you just have his alternate universe persona to enjoy now. And for the developers, let this be yet another example of how EXTREMELY important it is to keep fans informed. It was a huge mistake not mentioning DmC takes place in the realm of metaphysics while in promotion. When Gamers get attached to characters, every aspect of those virtual personalities is appreciated. That includes, you guessed it – the character’s appearance.

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