Enter password: O U Y A

09 Feb

There’s a war coming…  And I anticipate bloodshed!  If you haven’t been filled in, there’s a new wave of game consoles that (apparently)  promise to shake the pillars where the classic Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft gods stand.  And one of these newcomers goes by the name OUYA.


OUYA is an Android-based console in which you’ll be able to play Android-based games on your T.V.  I know, nothing that exciting (or at least it wasn’t for me).  HOWEVER, it does not stop there.  Apart from the Android app games, OUYA will be able to play PC-like games through OnLive streaming service .  Not only the console will have a nice selection regarding PC gaming, but OUYA has also partnered with titan companies like Namco Bandai and Square Enix.  And many of you will find this exciting: Final Fantasy III will be one of the games available for the OUYA – which indeed got me fucking excited.  If the previous reasons haven’t sparked up at least your curiosity, how about if I told you this console is only $99.00?  Yes, you read correctly.  That itself makes the console, in my opinion, appealing enough.  Especially when you compare it to the “normative” $300+ for videogame consoles on the market.  You still will have to spend a rumored $49.99 for the controller, but the combined prices of console-controller is still minuscule in my book.

OUYA hits retailers during the summer time and I cannot say I’m not excited.  Though there are various issues that cross my mind.  One of the main concerns is the intense highlighting of OUYA’s ability to use Android apps.  It makes it seem like OUYA’s only good quality is the ability to plug the apps in your Android mobile device onto the television screen.  I’m going to make a huge guess here and say that the general public does not research as much as I do when it comes to these types of things.  With that, I don’t see many people wanting to pay roughly $200 if their understanding is they’re just going to be able to play WWF (the extremely addicting Words With Friends) and some bootleg version of Bejewled on their television screens.  Yes, OUYA argues that the Android market and mobile gaming app usage has increased dramatically in these times.  Which is true.  BUT I believe most people play these “app games” on mobiles, tablets, and such mobile technology because they can take the games with them anywhere – not having to wait until they get home to play.

What do you think?  Will this new movement prove to be the next generation in gaming?  Or will the classic console trio prevail?

P.S. – Here’s a nice little video about OUYA.  See you around!


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2 responses to “Enter password: O U Y A

  1. Fran

    February 9, 2013 at 6:35 am

    Another thing I found out is that it costs 99$ Great! But they will upgrade the tech of the console yearly and release an upgraded version ( much like how apple operates) and owners will have to keep buying the new console ( while it will be backwards compatible) yearly at 99$ 🙂


    • loucyo

      February 11, 2013 at 11:15 am

      I still believe the console’s price is a great strategy because people with average income will be able to purchase the OUYA. I understand your point about the OUYA releasing “new” consoles every year, though. HOWEVER, there’s only going to be so much that you can update yearly. If OUYA plans to become obsolete annually, I don’t see the console surviving on the market – there HAS to be more than that. Maybe there’s something we’re missing and/or the OUYA’s work team has lacked to explained regarding these yearly updates and releases. One thing is for sure, you won’t see me budgeting for a new console every year. I still have my Nintendo 64 and that’s 10+ years, for goodness sake.



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