Battle of the All-Stars!

13 Feb

I (finally) decided to get PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and THoANK YOU, Universe for this!  I don’t even know where to start!  The intro: fucking phenomenal.  The neon outlined characters’ silhouettes against the deep blue and black background dance beautifully on the television screen.  And the song…   HOLY SHIT.  It gets you SUPER pumped up and you haven’t even started to play the game yet.  Since many get sensitive over spoilers, I’ll leave it up to you to YouTube the intro.  However, if you want to listen to the song, here’s Finale by Madeon. Although there is no doubt this game to be incredibly entertaining and awesome, there are also “not-so-great” things. I’ll go into details as I write along.


ASBR’s gameplay is not complicated; VERY familiar to those who have played Super Smash Bros. On Solo Play, each character have their story line – which are ultimately the same: character finds a reason to fight; he/she/it fights a couple of battles and undergoes some challenges; before you know it you’re fighting your rival; and lastly the Boss battle. I have to point out that some rival match-ups are so beyond bizarre that you will find yourself trying not to choke because of the laughter (hint: Fat Princess’s story-line  ‘Nough said). ASBR also has a Versus Match, which is obviously what let’s you play with our friends and see who takes home the glory. You have the option of playing by yourself and AIs, but that’s just boring. And then you have Tournament – which I believe it’s self explanatory. And you have your extras like Practice Mode, but no one really care about those and my goal is to keep you entertained. Now on to the characters…

Whoah, what a character list (which will expand due to downloadable content)! The starter characters range from utterly hilarious to completely uptight personas making the game unique to say the least. HOWEVER, I have to point out ASBR could have done better for the starter cast. ASBR states that you’ll be playing with “iconic” characters. Now, what is exactly the definition of the word icon. Icon means, “a representative symbol of something.” So with that, and taking into consideration the game’s title, I am expecting classic characters. Characters that have put PlayStation’s name on the map. I believe ASBR failed to do that. Some of the characters are not even 5 years old and they made it to an All-Stars category? No. That is not acceptable. For example, Fat Princess (even though she’s one of my favorites) shouldn’t be there. A character like Crash Bandicoot seems more appropriate to fit such title. Also, the game has DmC’s Dante instead of the original white-haired version. Not that I am hating, but the ICONIC image of Dante is a demon hunter with white hair – not black. I am sure that many hardcore PlayStation fans will agree with me. ASBR may be able to fix this. How exactly? As mentioned above, the game plans to introduce DLC characters; hopefully, developers will actually gives us players more icons, less random bullshit.

Characters have around a move set of 20 and 3 special moves divided by levels 1, 2, and 3. The more you hit the other players, the more your special move meter fills up. The higher the level, the more powerful the special move. I encourage you to try all 3 levels of the special moves of characters you like. Why? Because honestly, some characters’ level 2 moves are better than the level 3 ones. When you play the game, you’ll see what I mean. Knowing which special move is the easiest for you to use is key. In this game you have no health meters nor you knock out people out of the stage like in SSB. When playing ASBR you need to rank up your special move meter and use your special moves on the other players. That’s the only way you will rank up your killing points – the only way to win.

ASBR is full of promise and I can’t wait to keep playing it for endless hours. If you haven’t played it, PLEASE find a way to do so and do yourself a favor. See you around!

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