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Yogurt parfait never looked so good!

During the PS4 announcement that took place over a month, Activision presented a video clip of what will be known as the next generation in facial rendering – which is fancy wording for “how cool are the graphics going to look.” And while researching for all updated PS4 news, I stumbled upon this character demo released by Activision showing how POWERFUL this new technology is. Watch it and be amazed.

For me (and many of you will agree), the most impressive factor is how Activision staff have detailed the expression lines on the character’s face – especially around the eyes. Though you can spot some pixilation when the character opens his mouth, it is still surreal how close the character looks like a real person. In fact, to be completely honest, if the character didn’t open his mouth during the demo I would’ve been skeptical of whether he was a legit virtual construct or a real person.  Like the article stated, this demo gives an “unsettling sense of realism.”  If numerous games for the PS4 are going to look like that, sign me up!

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