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13 Apr

I haven’t been more excited for a videogame remastering since God (or whatever divine entity out there) knows when.  While Flipboarding the gaming section, I stumbled upon an article with a famous female trio: the wonder women of Final Fantasy X-2.  I am completely and utterly in love with FFX-2.  I believe it was underrated and mainly guys butchered it because it was “girly.”  Well, fuck that!  The game was super fun, interesting, and actually a pretty damn good sequel.  I have clawed people’s eyes out when listening to them talking shit about this game.  Well… I haven’t exactly physically done the latter, but just so you get the point.

Famitsu magazine met with producers Yoshinori Kitase and Hideki Imaizumi to get the scoop of such project.  Turns out 2013 is the FFX-2’s birthday!  YAY!  And as a present, BOTH Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy X will be undergoing this beautiful restoration.  Both games have a special place in my heart because of the boundaries pushed regarding gameplay and the story lines were emotive and breathtaking.  From Tidus dissipating away in hundreds of sprites causing me psychological turmoil to Yuna’s Thunderplains concert where she sang her heart out, pouring her mixture of hope and hurt on to the world of Spira…  SO GOOD!

The interviewed producers want to finish this remastering project as soon as possible.  However, some of the data from the original game is not available or incomplete.  As a consequence, some of that data will be eliminated and programmers will have to start from scratch – which I’m pretty sure it sucks.  Nonetheless, I seriously encourage them to take all the time needed.  Both of these games combined have a HUGE fan base population. With that, disappointment could prove fatal to not only game sales, but also the reputation and faith gamers have regarding the technology Sony has to offer is at stake.  Only time will tell.

How do you feel about this remastering idea?  Personally, I can’t wait (but I’m sure you got that by now).

See you around!

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