“Super fighting robot: MEG… Maverick Hunter?”

15 Apr

Aesthetics.  I have highlighted several times (unintentionally and on purpose) the role of aesthetics in videogame characters. And now I come to find out the iconic Mega Man was almost a victim of virtual reconstructive surgery.  In my “ZOMG! DANTE IS DARK HAIRED NOW! I’M DONE” post I discussed how a character’s aesthetics is one of the main factors which binds people to a specific character.  So when you take that away, people are going to react – and not in a good way.  Especially when not only Mega Man, but also Mega Man’s world would have encountered the virtual scalpel.

Maverick Hunter.

First Person Shooter.

Mega Man?

Armature Studios was working on releasing a Mega man X reboot as a FPS and with redesigned character graphics.  That previous sentence alone will boggle the mind of any gamer who has ever played Mega Man X.  I really don’t understand the reasoning behind these developers sometimes when thinking it’s a fucking great idea to change a character’s appearance.  I can understand an enhancement here and there – that’s okay.  But to the point the character is almost unrecognizable? That’s foulplay.

The above picture: Mega Man.  Impressed?  Well, I can’t say it’s not a cool suit – pretty badass to an extent.  HOWEVER, would I be hyped this is how Mega Man will look like from now on?  Not so much.  For one thing,  everybody and their mothers are accustomed to Mega Man’s face being exposed all the time.  It is his most human-like attribute.  And what do you see here?  Whatever it is, it’s not Mega Man.  Now let’s discuss how the cannon doesn’t look like a cannon.  Classic Mega Man has a sphere/round like and solid shape cannon.  There’s no wires showing.  It’s not rectangular shape. And it certainly does not look like a sub-machine gun.  To be completely honest, this guy over here looks like a slimmer version of Halo’s Master Chief.

Surprisingly enough, (from what I read) fans have been more outraged over Maverick Hunter being a FPS – which I found extremely interesting.  Arguments mainly revolve around how “horrible” of an idea is to exchange Mega Man X’s 2D platform gameplay with the FPS universe.  Fans have complained about the limited visibility that characterizes FPSs and the difficult platform controls when needing to jump.  They also argue how Mega Man X reboot would have to compete against giants like Halo and Call of Duty.  All valuable points, no doubt.  Nonetheless, I do believe people are stretching it too far with the whole FPS thing being such a horrendous idea since I’ve experienced AMAZING FPSs that were once platforms.  Example: Metroid Prime.

I was a platform once.  What seems to be the problem?

In the end, the Maverick Hunter got dropped when Keiji Inafune (illustrator and co-designer of the Mega Man character) left Capcom.  Capcom communicated “ongoing discussions about Mega Man” for the future.  After losing Inafune, a vital part of who Mega Man is, I believe it’s a smart move.  Nevertheless, Capcom has to be careful when playing around with Mega Man.  This has not been the first time a Mega Man game has been shot, buried, and left to rot.  With that, Mega Man’s fanbase is massive – would be a shame they started walking out of the franchise.

Last, but not least, a special shout out to my friend, The Ralphnerd, (go and check out his blog, by the way) who shared this Mega Man news with me…  And has personally requested for me to review specific videogames he believes he might like before buying them, ha, ha.

Any articles you want me to look over?  Any games you want me to review?  Just let me know!

See you around!


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2 responses to ““Super fighting robot: MEG… Maverick Hunter?”

  1. Fran

    April 15, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Go play Bioshock 3 🙂



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