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29 May

Hi all!  First off, I apologize for the long hiatus I took this month.  But you know, after suffering a fracture due to a driver almost ending my life this month, the doctor ordered some rest.  I’m recovering well, thank goodness, and ready to give this blog of mine some hardcore loving!

Talking about loving, while Flipboarding, I stumbled upon an article titled “If Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine had a dating profile.”  I chuckled and thought, “Why not?”  They say laughter is the best medicine and thanks to VentureBeat – an online site devoted to present innovative technology and how it’s relevant to our lives – I had a few laughs that made me forget about the pain.  So, I decided to share it with the world.

VentureBeat decided to create its own online dating site, Extra Hearts, for featured videogame characters.  Not only they covered the cheesy bio, likes, and dislikes, but also they included witty comments at the end involving relevant characters to the one who “wrote” the online dating profile – it’s a fun read.  I believe it gives a nice spin to how we see these characters and adds to their dimensions. Plus, the fact that the characters go IN on each other at the comment section is fucking hilarious – probably how we believe these characters act when the “cameras are off.”  Below are my favorites, but I encourage you to read through all of them:

If Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine had a dating site profile

Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine – comment section

If StarCraft’s Kerrigan had a dating site profile

StarCraft’s Kerrigan – profile section

If Luigi had a dating site profile

Luigi – comment section

If God of War’s Kratos had a dating site profile

God of War’s Kratos – comment section

Which characters do you think may need some loving in their lives?  Let me know below!  See you around!

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