Happy Birthday, Luigi!

19 Jun

(Luigi Banner-sig by =Chivi-chivik on deviantart)

You better grab every single green trinket you possess because it’s time for grand celebration: Luigi is turning 30 this year!  Can you believe it’s been that long?!  Since his first appearance in Mario Bros. (released on July 14, 1983 and not to be confused with Super Mario Bros. which release date was 1985), Luigi has served as Mario’s sidekick in almost all the adventures that have taken place in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.  However, Nintendo has decided that Luigi has been shrouded by his brother’s shadow for far too long.  Now in 2013, Nintendo has focused boundless efforts in creating and promoting new games and console designs centered on the green cap hero.  The highlight of this birthday?  New Super Luigi U!

This game will mark history in the Mario Bros. universe as it is Luigi’s first platform game in which he plays the starting role.  Excited?  You better!  I’ve been a Luigi fan since I can remember, even after playing so many Mario centered games throughout my life.  So now that I can enjoy Luigi to his fullest…  It makes my heart feel like a bundle of joy!

Also to celebrate, Nintendo twitted:


And so I did.  It took me a several minutes to compress all my loving words for Luigi in just 120 characters and have a selfie photoshoot because it was required to send a picture along with the greeting.  I am hardcore geeking out over this…  I really hope I get selected to appear on that digital card!

So what do you think about Nintendo’s Luigi Extravaganza?  See you around!


Haaaaappy Birthdaaaay tooooo yooouuuuuu! ♫

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