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Ready to unleash your Killer Instincts? I certainly hope so because Microsoft has revealed even more juicy details about one of its possibly soon-to-be most popular games: Killer Instinct 3.

After confirmation that Cheif Thunder would make his appearance in KI3, now Microsoft is adding Jago to the list. Moreover, Microsoft indicated that KI3 will be available as a free download.  Yes.  You read correctly: free. HOWEVER, though downloading KI3 will be free of charge, the caveat is that Jago will be the only available character for you roam the arenas of the new Killer Instinct – unless you pay the price that is.  Microsoft will grant you the power of expanding your character pool only through purchases.

The characters will allegedly be available for purchase starting at $4.99 each.  It’s been confirmed that 8 characters will be available for gameplay at launch date.  Doing the math, we got 4.99 x 8 = 39.92. Which I consider to be a decent price for (1) it being a brand new game and (2) considering the game’s popularity. However, for those of you who might be whining over the prices and/or are truly Killer Instinct fans, Microsoft has solutions for you. Upon KI3’s release date, two bundle packs will be available for purchase: The Combo Breaker and The Ultra Edition. The Combo Breaker will bestow the permits to control all of the first 8 fighters (which all haven’t been announced yet) for only $19.99! I believe that’s pretty sweet and if you paid attention to the equation above, it will be a lot less than buying each character individually.

Now for the die hard fans there’s the Ultra Edition combo pack for $39.99. Not only you get all of the characters included in the Combo Breaker, but also you will have access to numerous characters’ accessories and costumes… And ot doesn’t stop there! Along with the various digital trinkets and threads, Microsofts throws in the ORIGINAL Killer Instinct in that ultra bag of goodies. Can we just validate HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Well played, Microsoft. Well played.

Lastly, if you were one of those who bought 2 or 3 characters and then decides to buy one of the combo packs, Microsoft will not charge you full price for any of the value packs – you will be offered a discount. However, no established discount prices have been noted.

But wait! There’s more!

Xbox One’s Creative Director, Ken Lobb, told Eurogamer in an interview that an additional 8 characters will be released at a later date after the game launches in 2014 which gives us a total of 16 characters! So there’s a possibility that ALL OF KILLER INSTINCTS’ CHARACTERS will make a debut on KI3!  Additionally, if the latter is true, Killer Instinct may be introducing a new playable character – which sounds totally badass! And there’s rumors that it might be this lady

When the new wave of characters arrives, you’ll have the same paymeny options as I mentioned above: pay per character or buy one of the combo value packs.

As to what characters are to be released in each wave, I have found numerous articles with inconsistencies.  So I’m going to place the links below for you to read and make your own assumptions:


International Digital Times


Ready to unleash the Killer Instincts in you?

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And all you hear in the background is “C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!”

As many of you may recognized the famous phrase I used in the title, today we’re taking a trip to the land of Killer Instinct – a Native American Spiritual Land to be more exact.

A few days ago, I got a message from one of my friends, “OMG!  They just revealed CHIEF THUNDER!” and sends me this video link which confirmed that Killer Instinct 3 will indeed have Chief Thunder as a playable character – coming a long way from his last (and only) appearance in 1994’s KI.

Pretty menacing, ain’t he?

American video game developer group Double Helix‘s Patrick Gilmore (Studio Head), Michael Willette (Producer), and David Verfaillie (Game Design Director) presented a vast overview about the new and upgraded version of Cheif Thunder.  He will be sporting new gear, as you can notice his substantial headpiece and dripping war paint on his face giving him a primal look.  The smoother graphics not only make him seem over 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall, but also threatening and aggressive as ever.  I wouldn’t like to run into him if I were exploring the woods…  Or running into him anywhere, period.  His skills set has also been revamped, but he will retain some of his old characteristics moves like the Sammamish and Triplax.


Chief Thunder’s arena also experienced a phenomenal metamorphosis.  Now instead of a (let’s face it) crappy bridge over a deep ravine with monotone colors, now we get mountains, rain, ravens, a freaking lake scenery in the background – a beautifully crafted stage with much texture and visual pleasure.  It was amazing watching Double Helix’s staff speaking so passionately and letting gamers know they want to make KI have a magnificent comeback – which I appreciate because they have quite the pressure on them with Killer Instinct being such a classic legend. Double Helix can’t afford to fuck it up.  Moreover, this game can serve as a nice buffer to the Xbox One, especially after the nasty backlash the console experienced after its presentation on the 2013 E3.

Are you excited for the next chapter in the Killer Instinct universe?


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All aboard the Luigi Line!

Today, Chicago made homage to one of the greatest characters in video game history:

“I’m’a Luigi – number one!”


As The Year Of Luigi forges ahead full force, Nintendo chose the city of Chicago to promote Luigi’s new superstar game “New Super Luigi U.”  Over taking several of Chicago’s L trains which blaze through the Brown Line routes, many CTA riders had the magical experience to ride the Luigi Line!   I can’t even explain to you the level of excitement/anxiety I was feeling while waiting for the Luigi Line to pull over.  All of the sudden, there is was: a beautiful green colored train with decals of the different characters in the game along with a few gold coins (too bad those golden pieces weren’t real…).  As a Luigi fan for virtually my whole life, you can imagine the level of thrill rushing through my body while I stepped inside the train.  For all you Chicagoans (or those visiting the city) that missed riding the Luigi Line today, do not fret.  The Luigi Line will be running for about 4 weeks around the Loop on the Brown Line.  So plan accordingly and experience a joyful ride!








While the Luigi Line paraded around The Windy City’s Downtown area, Nintendo made sure fans would get complete exposure to Luigi’s new game by setting up various kiosks around the Clark and Lake train station where people had access to play New Super Luigi U for unlimited time – which I may or may have not played for over 2 hours before heading home.  NSLU’s gameplay controls and world displays are basically the same as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii; however, there are a few different tweaks.  Luigi can jump higher and further than Mario, but he slides further too – so be careful and don’t plan on being able to come to a complete stop.  It’s not happening.  Also, the courses are shorter.  This time around, you only get 100 seconds to complete the stage before being assassinated by unknown forces of The Mushroom Kingdom universe when the timer reaches 0.  One cool feature that I wasn’t able to experience was the option to play as Nabbit.  Nabbit is this little rabbit-thief looking character who is invincible against enemies.  I immediately thought about how that would be “the saving grace” for older siblings who are forced to have younger siblings play with them.  With Nabbit, the youngings can actually help you.  So thank Luigi for this.






Yes riding the line home was fun and playing NSLU was beautiful, but the coup de grâce was getting the chance to meet Luigi himself.  As I mentioned above, I have been a Luigi fan since his first appearance in Mario Bros. games.  I’ve always been attracted to his underdog image because I was an underdog myself.  And now he has an opportunity to break from his shell and shine – like I did at one point in life.  Having the chance to finally meet him brought me back to when I was 10 years old looking up to someone who kept on fighting no matter the outcome.


I can’t wait buy the Wii U and NSLU – It promises hours upon hours of fun!  What do you think about The Year Of Luigi?  Have you played NSLU?  Do you think Luigi will reach new heights of Super Stardom?  I want to know!  See you around!

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