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Nintendoneration NX

Even though it has been rough years for Nintendo as the company has endured harsh loses within the company (Hiroshi Yamauchi in 2013 and Satoru Iwata this year), the famous corporation has not lost its innovative spirit and eagerness.  Nintendo declared a new console will be making its way to people’s homes: Nintendo NX.  However, there has been no official announcement on when the console will be released or what features it will have.  Therefore, I am gonna go crazy on what I will like for the NX.

First, a new controller.  A nice, beautiful, wireless, NOT WAND-LIKE controller.  The Wii controller has been the most horrendous inventions ever and I would like for it to be eradicated from the planet.  There’s only so much you can take waving that thing around.  I am done with it and ready for a change.  (Pssst…  Bring the GameCube controller back!)

The Game Pad can stay.  I enjoy being able to keep playing my game while my other half is binging on Netflix on whatever 90’s series.  You have to admit it’s pretty convenient – definitely needs to stay.  A shelf charge station for up to 4 controllers for the system would be amazing too.  Keeping the amiibo technology would be a great plus.

I wish it was backwards compatible with everything.  Yes – EVERYTHING.  We live in the 21st century.  There has to be a way for this new console to be able to accept discs, cartridges, whatever.  In addition, I do not believe aesthetics need to be compromised either.  The cartridge slot can be a nice little opening with a closing slot once the game is not in.  Then have the disc opening in the front like the Wii U.  Apart from backwards compatibility, it would be awesome that NX plays DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

That is some of the features I would like to see on the NX.  What features would you like to see on a new console?  Let me know on the comments below.  Don’t forget to Share and Like.  See you around!

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