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If only 1-Ups were real… II

As if Nintendo did not suffered enough already when Nintendo’s 3rd President, Hiroshi Yamauchi, passed away at age 85 due to reported complications of pneumonia in 2013.  A dark cloud has once more set on top of Nintendo Land with the death of who was current President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata.

Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo 2002 – 2015

Iwata died at the young age of 55 due to a reported tumor in his bile duct.  Reportedly, the tumor was discovered in June 2014 and was successfully removed.  However, the cancer reappeared and took Iwata’s life on July 11th, 2015. I am in shock because it seems like yesterday when I was writing about how Iwata has been doing an exceptional job at keeping Nintendo’s name relevant in the industry.  Nintendo as to this date has not released who will be Satoru Iwata’s successor.  At the time, Nintendo is reportedly being managed Genyo Takeda (general manager of Nintendo’s integrated research division and Representative Director of Nintendo) and Shigeru Miyamoto (video game designer and producer) while awaiting the new President to be appointed.

Iwata’s journey with Nintendo started as a collaborator through his gaming developing role in HAL Laboratory in 1980, a Japanese video game developer in Tokyo. Through exceptional work on developing the EarthBound and Kirby series titles, Iwata became President of Hal in 1993.  During his time as President at HAL, he assisted Nintendo with the world famous titles of Pokémon and Super Smash Bros.  In 2000, Iwata began working officially for Nintendo in the corporate division.  If you have been paying attention to the dates, that means only 2 years after his start date he became President of Nintendo (and the first outside of the Yamauchi family).  How IMPRESSIVE is that?!  Pretty darn impressive if you ask me.  During his reign as President, he birthed various Nintendo’s smashing hits like the Wii gaming console and the Nintendo DS handheld – the latter being the second-best selling video game console of all time following the PlayStation 2.  Both systems (i.e., the Wii and DS) reinforced Nintendo’s relevance in the gaming world after the public not taking well the GameCube console (which I will never understand because it is actually one of my favorite).  Also during his years at Nintendo, Iwata was involved in the Super MarioAnimal Crossing, Metroid Prime, and The Legend of Zelda series – all which have become gaming phenomena.

Satoru Iwata was the definition of what it means to be a visionary – he believed in magic Nintendo brings to families and households around the world.  He took risks in attempts to keep Nintendo’s legacy as strong as ever.  For example, the sales of the Nintendo 3DS handheld console when it came out in 2011 were less than promising.  Moreover in 2014, the Wii U sales also spiraled down the drain.  However, what did Iwata do?  He VOLUNTARILY took a 50% pay cut of his salary in 2011 and 2014 to help buffer the lack of revenue from the 3DS.  WHO DOES THAT?!  An amazing human being who believes in his company – that’s who.

Satoru Iwata will always be remembered for his energetic, approachable, and positive attitude he portrayed whether in person, a presentation at E3, or a Nintendo Direct recording.  When he came on stage or on your browser window, it always felt like you were talking to one of your gamer friends in middle school – that level of closeness I believe is characteristic of being part of the Nintendo culture.  A testament to this is the massive support fans all over the world have expressed with his passing. It will only take you seconds to search “satoru iwata tribute” on a search engine and you will see countless threads and images solely dedicated to showing the love and appreciation for not only Iwata’s work, but for who he was as a person.

Iwata Tribute Example


Iwata tribute example

Nonetheless, Satoru Iwata, rest in peace.  May your beautiful soul and exceptional work be never forgotten.

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RIP Norman Reedus on Silent Hill

RIP Norman Reedus on Silent Hill

You remember when many of us were squealing like lunatic fans for the new Silent Hill game starting Norman Reedus? Well, it’s time break out the handkerchief as the game has been officially cancelled. Yes, you read right. Out of ALL the online April Fool’s jokes, this one had to be actually true. Not amused…

As a fan of survival horror in general, this completely blows – and not in the good way. I remember hours stuck to the television screen with one of my best friends who was a hardcore fan of the franchise. The creepy ambiance. The crazy puzzles. The intricate story. Ugh! Loved it. Even when the movie came out and I haven’t heard about Silent Hill in a long while, a spark ignited in me as I remember the masterpiece Silent Hill was and continues to be. So you can imagine the excitement I got when I read about a Silent Hill game coming for this time’s new gen consoles.

But now it’s all a lie… THE CAKE IS A LIE!

The cancellation I’m pretty certain came as a ripple effect of Kojima leaving Konami after Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is complete. Him leaving meant the Konami-Norman-Del Toro relationship to be non-existent. At least for now…Maybe someone will pick it up? …I AM ALLOWED TO HOPE!

Earlier when the teaser was out, Kojima had stated the new Silent Hills would make us so scared that it would “make you sh*t [our] pants.” How right he was. I am pretty sure many did when reading the game was not ever going to be completed. To make things even more “interesting,” the playable teaser on the PS4 was removed yesterday. If you didn’t play it, tough luck. People who have it don’t want to give it away. There are people who are willing to sell it – for a decent price of course. You might be able to take refuge on YouTube sanctuary and at least look at the beautiful thing that will never be.


Let me know how you feel about this? Did you cry uncontrollably? Punched a wall? Unhinged from reality? Let me know on the comments below.

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See you around!

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If only 1-Ups were real…

 President and Chairman, Nintendo (1949–2002, 2002–2005)

September 19, 2013 will be a date that numerous gamers, especially Nintendo fans, around the world will never forget: Nintendo’s 3rd President, Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away at age 85 due to reported complications of pneumonia.

Mr. Yamauchi was (and forever will be) one of the principal cornerstones of Nintendo’s advancement.  In fact, without Yamauchi, who knows if the company would have ever progressed into what it is today as he was the one responsible for bringing Nintendo’s electronic evolution.  Many of you may not know that the Nintendo company actually started as a playing cards manufacturer factory which much later proceeded to be a toy making company.  Yes, you read right: playing cards and toy making.  Ever since he became Chairman of Nintendo in 1949, Yamauchi ruled with a firm fist and never lost faith in his company’s capacity and staff’s competence.  It was Yamauchi’s polished observational skills for innovation that provided a gateway for Nintendo to maintain relevance in the worldwide market.  He was responsible for bringing the legendary Famicom and overlooking all the marvelous console systems until the GameCube.  During the latter console’s developement, he decided to step back and appointed Satoru Iwata as his successor – which I believe has been doing an exceptional job at keeping Nintendo’s name relevant in the industry.

Satoru Iwata, 4th President of Nintendo

Yamauchi kept true to Nintendo and his vision of maintaining the future in scope while working endlessly to make it the present and a reality to gamers around the globe.  Under Yamauchi, Nintendo was ruled under the premises of originality, entertainment, and availability: Yamauchi believed in people having the opportunity to be able to play one-of-a-kind videogames that provided unique experiences at the most inexpensive price possible.  Through that vision, games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario 64, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and Starfox (all developed by famous gaming icon Shigeru Miyamoto) came into existence.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Yamauchi retired from Nintendo on 2005 feeling that his advancing age would interfere with Nintendo’s progress.  Nonetheless, he left satisfied with his work and believing in Satoru Iwata’s skill and expertise in driving the company into further successes.  Sadly, Yamauchi will not be able to see his company strive forward as 1-Ups do not exist.

May you rest in peace, Hiroshi Yamauchi.

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Love online? Of course! You can ask MMOers – they can tell you!

Intertwining love, gaming, and social media in one post – sounds fun!  At first, I wasn’t sure how the 3 aforementioned would blend with each other, but my mind immediately went to the numerous videogames that offer different levels of social interaction between us human beings all around the world.  You might be thinking why am I mentioning videogaming?  First, my blog Lou-Cyo Reviews’ purpose is to expose news, reviews, and commentary about the world of videogames – I want to keep it relevant.  I owe it to my readers.  Though I won’t be focusing on videogaming, I will refer to it all throughout.  Secondly, if we are talking of social media, videogames constitute a vast portion of such category especially if we’re discussing “21st-century love.”

Modern age love.  When I read the previous sentence, I immediately consider the Internet being involved in some way, shape, or form.  In this era, the Internet has given an immense number of the Earth’s population access to connect with each other via instant texts, videos, illustrations, and microphones.  If we’re not on facebook checking for Notifications, we are tweeting and retweeting people we find fascinating.  And if you’re immersed in the gaming culture and into massive multiplayer online games, you might already have a set time to meet with your team to either raid a sorcerer’s cave or take down your enemy’s armed forces.  We live in the times of connectivity – the resources seem endless.  With each passing second, people are trying to find easier and better ways to connect and share their lives.  So with that, how can one even entertain the idea that love CANNOT sprout between two (or more) people?

It all appears wonderfully uncomplicated written down, doesn’t it?  However, it’s far from the truth.  Yes, social media gives us countless ways to communicate with others and create possible healthy relationships with one-time strangers.  But social media is just that: the means we use to communicate.  If people don’t utilize their resources appropriately and effectively to nurture their relationships the same are as good as dead.  It’s not a matter of what a pair of lovers use to communicate with each other.  It’s a matter of how they communicate with each other.  If people cannot interact in a healthy manner in order to promote understanding and trust between them, it won’t matter whether you both have a Twitter, facebook, Skype, ooVoo, Xbox Live, or email accounts.

I found myself playing the Long Distance Relationship Love Game once.  We started a friendship in a popular chat site and after several months decided to meet in person.  I believe we never exchanged photos by that time, so it was awkward as HECK when we finally met.  Outcome?  We became really good friends and later our friendship bloomed into one of the best relationships I’ve ever had in my life.  Obviously ups and downs occurred, but for 95% of the time I felt satisfied and happy.  Lucky even, that I had found such an individual to share my life with.  Then the universe decided it was time to test just how strong our bond was.  I was presented with an opportunity to expand my education and get a Master’s Degree in Chicago – I couldn’t say no.

I was scared.  Scared to face my significant other and make my decision of moving to another country which meant the end of the relationship we had.  I remember days of pulsating anxiety and dread.  When the conversation finally took place, I remember my lover at the time tell me, “We don’t have to end it.  We’ll make it.  I believe in us.”  And I believed it.  We discussed how we still have our cellphones, facebook, and laptops to video chat.  I was confident.  However, the minute I left my home island things turned for the worst.  My other half started to alienate from me because I was “not [there].”  The phone conversations went from “I miss you” to guilt trips of “I hate this.  I don’t understand why you needed to go so far.”  Video chats rarely happened.  We exchanged maybe a couple of emails…  Long story short, the person I loved called me one night and said, “I can’t deal with this anymore,” and just like that, it was over.  I was devastated.  I felt at the verge of depression, but thankfully I was surrounded by wonderful individuals who kept me going and pushed when I needed it.

We both had facebook, Skype, and our respective cellphones…  But it didn’t matter –effective communication was nonexistent.  I was so eager to share my new-found passion in life and what the big city of Chicago had to offer.  And what did I came across?  My significant other saying, “I really don’t want to know about it.  I don’t want to believe you’re gone.”  My LIFE became Chicago at that point in time, so what was I supposed to talk about?  Conversing about what I ingested and if my bowel movements were normative can only take you so far.  The lack of communication served as toxic waste in the field where understanding needed to grow in order for our relationship to survive.  The methods were there, but never used in an effective manner.  Relationships, created over the Internet or not, last because people WANT to work on the relationship and make it last.

(P.S. – Post is in respond to Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century.)

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“Super fighting robot: MEG… Maverick Hunter?”

Aesthetics.  I have highlighted several times (unintentionally and on purpose) the role of aesthetics in videogame characters. And now I come to find out the iconic Mega Man was almost a victim of virtual reconstructive surgery.  In my “ZOMG! DANTE IS DARK HAIRED NOW! I’M DONE” post I discussed how a character’s aesthetics is one of the main factors which binds people to a specific character.  So when you take that away, people are going to react – and not in a good way.  Especially when not only Mega Man, but also Mega Man’s world would have encountered the virtual scalpel.

Maverick Hunter.

First Person Shooter.

Mega Man?

Armature Studios was working on releasing a Mega man X reboot as a FPS and with redesigned character graphics.  That previous sentence alone will boggle the mind of any gamer who has ever played Mega Man X.  I really don’t understand the reasoning behind these developers sometimes when thinking it’s a fucking great idea to change a character’s appearance.  I can understand an enhancement here and there – that’s okay.  But to the point the character is almost unrecognizable? That’s foulplay.

The above picture: Mega Man.  Impressed?  Well, I can’t say it’s not a cool suit – pretty badass to an extent.  HOWEVER, would I be hyped this is how Mega Man will look like from now on?  Not so much.  For one thing,  everybody and their mothers are accustomed to Mega Man’s face being exposed all the time.  It is his most human-like attribute.  And what do you see here?  Whatever it is, it’s not Mega Man.  Now let’s discuss how the cannon doesn’t look like a cannon.  Classic Mega Man has a sphere/round like and solid shape cannon.  There’s no wires showing.  It’s not rectangular shape. And it certainly does not look like a sub-machine gun.  To be completely honest, this guy over here looks like a slimmer version of Halo’s Master Chief.

Surprisingly enough, (from what I read) fans have been more outraged over Maverick Hunter being a FPS – which I found extremely interesting.  Arguments mainly revolve around how “horrible” of an idea is to exchange Mega Man X’s 2D platform gameplay with the FPS universe.  Fans have complained about the limited visibility that characterizes FPSs and the difficult platform controls when needing to jump.  They also argue how Mega Man X reboot would have to compete against giants like Halo and Call of Duty.  All valuable points, no doubt.  Nonetheless, I do believe people are stretching it too far with the whole FPS thing being such a horrendous idea since I’ve experienced AMAZING FPSs that were once platforms.  Example: Metroid Prime.

I was a platform once.  What seems to be the problem?

In the end, the Maverick Hunter got dropped when Keiji Inafune (illustrator and co-designer of the Mega Man character) left Capcom.  Capcom communicated “ongoing discussions about Mega Man” for the future.  After losing Inafune, a vital part of who Mega Man is, I believe it’s a smart move.  Nevertheless, Capcom has to be careful when playing around with Mega Man.  This has not been the first time a Mega Man game has been shot, buried, and left to rot.  With that, Mega Man’s fanbase is massive – would be a shame they started walking out of the franchise.

Last, but not least, a special shout out to my friend, The Ralphnerd, (go and check out his blog, by the way) who shared this Mega Man news with me…  And has personally requested for me to review specific videogames he believes he might like before buying them, ha, ha.

Any articles you want me to look over?  Any games you want me to review?  Just let me know!

See you around!


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PS4… Say it ain’t so!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken.”  And if you haven’t, it’s pretty much literal: don’t fucking touch things that are perfect.  Well, guess who might join Nintendo in the “making innovative changes but they’re really craptastic” team?  None other than PlayStation!

As I was browsing the interwebs on my way home, I stumbled upon several articles with headlines “PS4 Controller Images LEAKED!”  I obviously clicked the first article like a maniac like any Gamer would.  And what do I find?  This…

First off, the controller looks incomplete.  It lost it’s smooth, elegant, and sleek look.  PS4’s looks all bumpy and rubbery – much like a cheap toy you can find at K-Mart.  To that, let’s add that it appears like you need giant hands to take a hold of that thing.  The joysticks now will apparently have a weird circle indentation which makes it look cheap. There’s also a big random blue light on top of the controller that seems to serve no purpose but to send signals to extraterrestrial lifeforms living in another planet. And what the fuck with the touchscreen panel in the middle?  For real.  Why was that necessary?

I am hoping these leaked images are of prototype models. Let’s just say new ideas do not always equal innovative developments.

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