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Reborn Materia: FFVII

-Breaths heavily-

I can’t even even keep it together as I am writing this post!  It’s finally here:
Final Fantasy VII – The Remake

Sony is sure to keep PlayStation 4 on the map with this.  A remake for FFVII has been talked about for LONG YEARS now within gamers from all over advocating for such a masterpiece of a story to be retold through the power of new technologies.  I sustain the latter as a fact as the combined video count for the trailer surpasses 10 million views – more than various of the games trailers shown for E3 like Uncharted 4 and Halo 5.

It has come to my attention (sadly) that the new FFVII’s storyline will have drastic changes in comparison to the previous FFVII for the PlayStation. It rubs me the wrong way those kind of rumors are floating around (and I’ll be damn hurt to the deepest part of my core), but let’s be honest here: I am pretty certain that being able to play with such a beloved cast outweighs the fact of the story not being the exact same as it’s predecessor.  However, Tetsuya Nomura (Japanese video game artist, designer, and director for Square Enix), stated there are certain plots in the game will be left untouched.  Leaving us to think changes are to be expected.  Another one of the rumored changes was that the character list may be altered by adding and/or subtracting characters.  However, Nomura has confirmed the roster will be intact and moving on forward headstrong – YAAAAY!  Not saying I approve of changes, I am just saying it would be refreshing to not see them like this anymore:

With no release date yet, we can only sit and try to manage our anxiety and depressive symptoms while we wait for this wonderful for such treasure to materialize.  A release date of 2017 has been rumored.  Though it might be longer since Nomura is also working on Kingdom Hearts 3 which also does not have a release date – a handful for sure.

Are you ready?

What are your thoughts on this remake?  Are you excited as I am?  Let me know on the comments.  Also, remember to Like and Share.  See you around!

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Green with NVIDIA!

A new challenger has arrived!  Please, welcome SHIELD!

Look at this sexy mo-fo!

The Titan Trifecta of gaming consoles (Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox) will soon have to face NVIDIA in battle.  The visual computing company will release the first considered world’s Android TV console: SHIELD.  No release date has been confirmed yet in the U.S.  However, I am awaiting anxiously to see how this console will prove itself in the gaming world market.  SHIELD will unleash the power of “supercomputer” technology in a cloud system (i.e., the GRID) letting the consumers not only stream the PC games, but also play Android games and watch high quality videos.  And with a 3GB memory I say that’s more than doable.  NVIDIA’s goals with SHIELD include to infuse PC quality graphics to games available for the system.  As if that is not impressive enough, SHIELD will hold the capability of diverse gameplay like supporting multiplayer options.

Look at that controller how sexy and sleek it is! -Drools.-

You’re probably asking yourself, “What games could possibly make me want to even consider buying this thing?”  Thankfully, I am here to answer that question!  Available on Google Play you will have access to Crysis 3, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Resident Evil 5, and Doom 3.  IF that is not good enough, the GRID will give graciously let you play Batman: Arkham Origins, Boderlands 2, and Ultra Street Fighter IV just to name a few.  And all this in a CLOUD?! A CLOUD!  Think about this for a second…  What is also a promising factor, which I have mentioned before in some of my entries, is that NVIDIA has listened to the gaming world inhabitants.  SHIELD was developed with feedback provided by gamers from all over for specifics like graphics, processing power, accessibility, and comfort when playing with controllers.  Hence, the slogan “Made To Game.”

What are your thoughts about SHIELD?  Is it here to stay?  Let me know on the comments below and don’t forget to Like and Share!  Until next time!

See you around!


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Part II – PlayStation 4: “The most powerful console”

Warning!  Warning!

System overload!

Warning!  Warning!

Welcome to Part II of Lou-Cyo’s PS4 review!  Let’s get right into business since there’s a significant amount of data waiting to engrave itself into your brain cells.  Take us away, Dave Perry!

Dave was actually the one who announced the PS4 is aiming to have the fastest network in the world.  Yep.  You read right.  Fastest.  In.  The.  World.  Pretty admirable and ambitious.  And as a well-known game developer and co-founder of Gaikai (a cloud-based service software) I believe he knows his business.  Apart from apparent superhero speed, Dave explained the PS4 will be able to analyze your input while navigating the network (e.g., purchases, searches, etc.) and the console will “tell” YOU what YOU like.  Sending random data for public access has never been my cup of tea, but as the lazy person that I am, I do not mind suggestions on things I might enjoy – keeps me from wasting time and effort.

Another unique quality of the PS4 is the pairing with the PS Vita.  Dave made me feel all tingly on the inside when he mentioned that in the instance you’re playing a game on the PS4 and you need to leave the room, let’s say because your roommate wants to watch television, the game can be transferred to the PS Vita immediately.  Again, you read right: whatever PS4 game YOU were playing will transfer I-MME-DI-AT-LY. How fucking cool is that!? And when he mentioned there would be a future where cloud technology will let you play EVERY SINGLE PLAYSTATION GAME EVER MADE ON ANY DEVICE…!  Not gonna lie, I might have peed a little bit…

Nonetheless, remember not to expect that any time soon, even less when the PS4 comes out.  Dave stated the cloud project has been “green lighted,” but I am certain this “cloud” is far from being completed – it was more of a strategy to keep PS fan interested and attract new fans to Sony products.  …And they’ll probably round up a couple of thousands individuals who have the attention span of Dory from Finding Nemo and missed the aforementioned fact about the cloud-tech not being available for quite some time.

Also during Dave’s presentation, another new feature was introduced: the Share button.  The “Share” button located on the (ugly) controller will give the player the ability to record “one of a kind” moments and able to share the videos with anyone who has access to the PS4 network.  Though it sounds pretty impressive, I fail to see the efficiency of it – especially is you’re trying to capture exactly that: a “one of a kind” moment.  How the hell are you going to know when to start recording to capture an epic moment if you don’t know when it’s going to happen?  Unless the system is recording your whole gaming walkthrough with some kind of RAM-esque technology, I don’t see how the Share button will be as entertaining as it was portrayed.  But that’s only my speculations with the vague information given about how does the Share button actually works.

So what is the PS4 aiming for?  We can safely assume one of its major goals is to give each and every person who gets to own the console the chance personalized the system to that person’s liking.  A system that tracks and recognizes you’re preferences to the point you’ll be entertained even by advertisements. Basically, a  COMPLETE holistic approach to personify entertainment that, not gonna lie, seems to be a great add-on.  It’s all about connectivity and pushing social connections with family, friends, and people around the world.

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