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Killzone Shadow Fall – A Review by Lou-Cyo

Hello and welcome to my review of…



Spoiler alert!

Before you read on ahead, let me warn you there WILL be spoilers of the game in my review – read AT YOUR OWN RISK!  With that out of the way, let’s start!

Overview: There’s a war beginning to uproar between two (very human-like if I may add) species, the Vektans and the Helghast, who live on the same planet.  It’s around the 2300’s and you, Vektan native Lucas Kellan, joined the Shadow Marshall Academy and became a Shadow Marshall working for the Vektan Security Agency (VSA) headquarters.  While following orders and infiltrating the Helghast to take hold of enemy’s military intel, Lucas finds himself in a compromising position when discovering not only the monstrous plan of the Helghast leaders, but also the true intentions of the VSA.

Gameplay: Killzone Shadow Fall is a fist person shooter.  Apart from virtually standard controls (e.g., pressing one button to reload, another to aim your weapon, and the other to change your weapon), this game uses the newly installed touch screen pad on the controller. While playing as Lucas (and yes, you get to play as another character at the end of the game), you have control over a flying droid called OWL.  Apart from being able to revive Lucas if he has an adrenaline pack handy, the OWL has multiple options that are activated by swiping on the touch screen pad which include: hacking, stunning, firing, zip-lining, and shielding.  Also in KSF there’s a one hit kill by pressing R3 in which Lucas uses a knife to slash his enemies’ necks open, if not opting for breaking their necks with his bare hands.  Both lethal.  Both graphic.  Both awesome.  Multiplayer mode is available presenting three classes – Scout, Assault, and Support – each with unique weapons and abilities. Also on multiplayer, you get to pick from between developed maps (i.e., Warzones) by game creators or players. An online season pass for $20.00 is available for purchase containing expansion packs. Furthermore, many of the weapons have dual functions with the second function having more fire power – yes, the more powerful the weapon, the slower it’s going to be.  But if you time your shots right, it will always be worth it.  Another beautiful aspect of KSF’s gameplay involves several free falling scenes where you have to use the joysticks to maneuver through the the laws of aerodynamics. Overall, the controls run smoothly and are easy to remember.

Lou-Cyo’s Reaction: Killzone Shadow Fall gets a solid 8.5.  Apart from the obvious stunning and smooth graphics, the background story is intriguing and thought-provoking.  Following a massive detonation, the planet Helghan was destroyed to the point of being inhabitable.  Helgahst survivors where granted protection by the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) – an alliance group who protects the colonies of the United Colonial Nations which includes all colonies under the government of planet Earth.  ISA decides it’s a wondrous idea to give Helghast refugees half of planet Vekta.  As a consequence, half of Vektans are being evicted out of there homes – if not executed in the process.

Can you imagine evicting half a planet?  As if that’s not fucked up enough, Lucas’s father gets killed in the process.  Great.  But it is during these times of evacuations and family loss where Lucas commences to develop as a character.  Also, the way the game’s story takes you from being a loyal Vektan to a total outcast was flawless.  Lucas, who risks his life in every single operation, is being placed on the front lines just to find out all his efforts are not to prevent the use of a deadly bioweapon, but to facilitate a genocide in a war he believes to be preventing.  The emotions displayed by Lucas throughout the game connect with the player to exhilarating levels since you are basically being hunted by two opposing organizations – one of them being the VSA.  The feeling of being unsafe lingering throughout…  Brilliant.

I appreciated the effectiveness of the OWL.  When you actually send the flying bot to shoot down some motherfuckers, the OWL actually gets the job done.  It’s not one of those scenarios where you get “assistance” from in-game characters that either run the wrong way or shoot everything else but actual target.  I can’t count the times OWL had saved my life serving as a bullet shield and an efficacious turret – I think I fell in love with the little fellow!


The coup de gras which definitely places Killzone Shadow Fall as one of the best games out there for the PS4 is the game’s ending.  During the last mission, Lucas finds the leader of the Helghast and the bioweapon.  However, the game’s story takes a sharp left turn as Thomas Sinclair, who took care of Lucas after Lucas’s father was murdered, ends up shooting Lucas in the head when seconds before Lucas was on the ground pleading for his life and the credits follow.

Thomas Sinclair

Not only sad, but IRRITATING as fuck!  I couldn’t believe it!  My jaw was probably on the floor until a cutscene interrupts the credits letting you know the game is not over and you have one more shot at revenge.  In the last scene, you play as Echo in a mission to assassinate Sinclair and put an end to the war.  Echo scampers through the city of Vekta; gets her hands on a sniper rifle; and after positioning herself in a hidden area she whispers, “For Kellan,” and shoots – the camera following the bullet that will pierce Sinclair’s skull. The amount of emotional distress this game’s ending made me feel was unimaginable.


I deducted some points because the game is indeed short.  There’s only 10 Chapters in which more than half are not lengthy.  Once you have finished the game, you’ll be able to breeze through the missions if you decide to play a second time around.  You can always challenge yourself by trying to get all the collectibles and trophies which indeed will take more time, but the game itself won’t be consuming much of your time.  I also took some points off because the presence of Sinclair during the last chapter where he kills Lucas seemed rushed and, to some level, random.  Also, when Echo snipes at Sinclair, you don’t get to see the effects of the shot.  You are left to assume Sinclair died.  I don’t understand why we don’t get the opportunity to see Sinclair’s brain matter on the floor after witnessing Lucas slitting throats all throughout.

There you have it!  Hope you enjoyed my review and please, do yourself a favor and get a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall – I recommend it.  If you played the game, do you agree with my review?  If you haven’t played it, what vibe do you get from the game after reading?  Let me know what you think!  See you around!

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Part III – PlayStation 4: “The most powerful console”

Part III?  Why, OF COURSE!  As I mentioned in my previous entry, the PS4 left us with much to talk about.  So now, on to the fun stuff: videogame releases for the PlayStation 4.


Killzone: Shadow Fall


At one point during the PS4’s announcement, co-founder of Gorilla Games, Herman Hurst, takes the stage and transports us to the universe of Killzone: Shadow Fall.  In this first person shooter a war between factions has begun in an intergalactic setting.  Opening scene: you’re in a spaceship flying over a beautiful architecture of alluring plazas and elegant buildings. Once you arrive to your destination and being treated like an (almost) V.I.P. …  BOOM!  Alarms go off; the ground begins to shake; and before you can even make sense of what the heck is happening, an explosion knocks you unconscious and all you see while blacking out is a wall of fire coming your way.  Pretty fucking scary… You finally get out of your mini-coma state only to see this asshole trying to make a bullet a permanent part of your face. 

The AssholeImage


In matter of minutes into the game you’re stabbing the same motherfucker in the neck; find yourself in the middle of a shooting fest; and finish up grasping for dear life from a motherfucking rope attached to a flying space craft while some douche is trying to shoot you.  Two words: FUCKING AWESOME!  Yes, you got your pistols, rifles, scopes, and grenades – the usual.  But KSF appears to have gone above and beyond to make its gameplay far more interactive than normal FPSs which I believe will be its highlight (still impressed by the rope scene. Ah, love it!).




From the warzone to the streets!  Sony has waited 10 long years to finally develop one of the most gorgeously crafted driving games I have seen, I am willing to bet, ever – all thanks to PS4 technology.  The result? DriveClub was born.  The game gave me a Need For Speed vibe, but the graphics…  Oh, my GOD!  I don’t know if the trailer showed cut scenes or actual gameplay graphics (which I pray to whatever divine entity out there is the latter), but damn they were stellar.  The graphics looked INSANELY real – to the point that I believe if you lick the screen I bet you’ll be able to taste the fucking leather on those seats.  Backpacking out of my obvious love with these graphics, there was a cut scene during the announcement of a game titled Deep Down and it was almost like watching a movie in HD – I almost died.

But wait!  There’s more!

How about we visit the supernatural for a brief moment?  Between a guy spewing fireballs and fabricating swirling infernos out of thin air in a heavily guarded city, The Sucker Punch’s game Infamous – Second Son makes its presence known.  Not much of a storyline could be taken out of the trailer for this game; however, I believe it’s a wonderful addition to the PS4 releases.

I have to admit Sony has targeted a vast range of gaming styles.  Take the games The Witness which is basically a puzzle solving game.  Not excited over it, certainly not needed to take so much screen time during the PlayStation 4’s announcement, but I can’t judge.  Just because it’s not my cup of tea to sit down in front of the PS4 to connect dots on a screen, doesn’t mean other Gamers out there don’t enjoy it.  Other games announced included Diablo III (a roleplaying game centered on investigating a celestial mystery) and Destiny (a captivating FPS which has been predicted to be the next mind-blowing game for the Ps4) which certainly will not disappoint. 


Watch Dogs


Now on to my favorite: Watch Dogs.  By the middle of the trailer for this game I wanted to fast forward to the day I will be able to purchase such beauty.  And the fact that it takes place in Chicago?  MY current city?!  It’s a must have.  The demo demonstration during the announcement got me intrigued from start to finish.  Watching the main character walk around streets I visit on the regular tapping into people’s personal devices and gain access to whatever private data without no one noticing gave it SUCH an exciting/scary atmosphere.  And I loved every single second.  All of the sudden you’re chasing and putting a random street thug out of his misery only to have the Chicago Police Department on your ass!  But don’t fret.  You end up jumping on one of the  CTA’s (Chicago Transit Authority) trains and escape…  It had me at edge of my SEAT!

PlaySation 4 has proven itself to be a phenomenally POWERFUL system.  With software engines working only to enhance graphics; the push for enrichment of social connection; and array of features to please almost everyone in the fucking world, I believe other consoles have quite some homework to do if they don’t want to be left in the shadows.  Yes, we have to wait until “Holiday 2013” to get out hands on such machine.  And if the PS4 lives up to the high expectations, I could not care less if it’s released it December 31, 2013.

Well, that’s what I got for you regarding the PlayStation 4.  Any questions, things you believe I should review, etc., don’t hesitate to contact me.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the informative read! 

See you around!

(P.S. Below are the trailers for each of the games I mentioned in this post.)

Killzone: Shadow Fall


Deep Down

Infamous – Second Son

The Witness

Diablo III


Watch Dogs

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