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Green with NVIDIA!

A new challenger has arrived!  Please, welcome SHIELD!

Look at this sexy mo-fo!

The Titan Trifecta of gaming consoles (Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox) will soon have to face NVIDIA in battle.  The visual computing company will release the first considered world’s Android TV console: SHIELD.  No release date has been confirmed yet in the U.S.  However, I am awaiting anxiously to see how this console will prove itself in the gaming world market.  SHIELD will unleash the power of “supercomputer” technology in a cloud system (i.e., the GRID) letting the consumers not only stream the PC games, but also play Android games and watch high quality videos.  And with a 3GB memory I say that’s more than doable.  NVIDIA’s goals with SHIELD include to infuse PC quality graphics to games available for the system.  As if that is not impressive enough, SHIELD will hold the capability of diverse gameplay like supporting multiplayer options.

Look at that controller how sexy and sleek it is! -Drools.-

You’re probably asking yourself, “What games could possibly make me want to even consider buying this thing?”  Thankfully, I am here to answer that question!  Available on Google Play you will have access to Crysis 3, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Resident Evil 5, and Doom 3.  IF that is not good enough, the GRID will give graciously let you play Batman: Arkham Origins, Boderlands 2, and Ultra Street Fighter IV just to name a few.  And all this in a CLOUD?! A CLOUD!  Think about this for a second…  What is also a promising factor, which I have mentioned before in some of my entries, is that NVIDIA has listened to the gaming world inhabitants.  SHIELD was developed with feedback provided by gamers from all over for specifics like graphics, processing power, accessibility, and comfort when playing with controllers.  Hence, the slogan “Made To Game.”

What are your thoughts about SHIELD?  Is it here to stay?  Let me know on the comments below and don’t forget to Like and Share!  Until next time!

See you around!


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Ready to unleash your Killer Instincts? I certainly hope so because Microsoft has revealed even more juicy details about one of its possibly soon-to-be most popular games: Killer Instinct 3.

After confirmation that Cheif Thunder would make his appearance in KI3, now Microsoft is adding Jago to the list. Moreover, Microsoft indicated that KI3 will be available as a free download.  Yes.  You read correctly: free. HOWEVER, though downloading KI3 will be free of charge, the caveat is that Jago will be the only available character for you roam the arenas of the new Killer Instinct – unless you pay the price that is.  Microsoft will grant you the power of expanding your character pool only through purchases.

The characters will allegedly be available for purchase starting at $4.99 each.  It’s been confirmed that 8 characters will be available for gameplay at launch date.  Doing the math, we got 4.99 x 8 = 39.92. Which I consider to be a decent price for (1) it being a brand new game and (2) considering the game’s popularity. However, for those of you who might be whining over the prices and/or are truly Killer Instinct fans, Microsoft has solutions for you. Upon KI3’s release date, two bundle packs will be available for purchase: The Combo Breaker and The Ultra Edition. The Combo Breaker will bestow the permits to control all of the first 8 fighters (which all haven’t been announced yet) for only $19.99! I believe that’s pretty sweet and if you paid attention to the equation above, it will be a lot less than buying each character individually.

Now for the die hard fans there’s the Ultra Edition combo pack for $39.99. Not only you get all of the characters included in the Combo Breaker, but also you will have access to numerous characters’ accessories and costumes… And ot doesn’t stop there! Along with the various digital trinkets and threads, Microsofts throws in the ORIGINAL Killer Instinct in that ultra bag of goodies. Can we just validate HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Well played, Microsoft. Well played.

Lastly, if you were one of those who bought 2 or 3 characters and then decides to buy one of the combo packs, Microsoft will not charge you full price for any of the value packs – you will be offered a discount. However, no established discount prices have been noted.

But wait! There’s more!

Xbox One’s Creative Director, Ken Lobb, told Eurogamer in an interview that an additional 8 characters will be released at a later date after the game launches in 2014 which gives us a total of 16 characters! So there’s a possibility that ALL OF KILLER INSTINCTS’ CHARACTERS will make a debut on KI3!  Additionally, if the latter is true, Killer Instinct may be introducing a new playable character – which sounds totally badass! And there’s rumors that it might be this lady

When the new wave of characters arrives, you’ll have the same paymeny options as I mentioned above: pay per character or buy one of the combo value packs.

As to what characters are to be released in each wave, I have found numerous articles with inconsistencies.  So I’m going to place the links below for you to read and make your own assumptions:


International Digital Times


Ready to unleash the Killer Instincts in you?

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And all you hear in the background is “C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!”

As many of you may recognized the famous phrase I used in the title, today we’re taking a trip to the land of Killer Instinct – a Native American Spiritual Land to be more exact.

A few days ago, I got a message from one of my friends, “OMG!  They just revealed CHIEF THUNDER!” and sends me this video link which confirmed that Killer Instinct 3 will indeed have Chief Thunder as a playable character – coming a long way from his last (and only) appearance in 1994’s KI.

Pretty menacing, ain’t he?

American video game developer group Double Helix‘s Patrick Gilmore (Studio Head), Michael Willette (Producer), and David Verfaillie (Game Design Director) presented a vast overview about the new and upgraded version of Cheif Thunder.  He will be sporting new gear, as you can notice his substantial headpiece and dripping war paint on his face giving him a primal look.  The smoother graphics not only make him seem over 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall, but also threatening and aggressive as ever.  I wouldn’t like to run into him if I were exploring the woods…  Or running into him anywhere, period.  His skills set has also been revamped, but he will retain some of his old characteristics moves like the Sammamish and Triplax.


Chief Thunder’s arena also experienced a phenomenal metamorphosis.  Now instead of a (let’s face it) crappy bridge over a deep ravine with monotone colors, now we get mountains, rain, ravens, a freaking lake scenery in the background – a beautifully crafted stage with much texture and visual pleasure.  It was amazing watching Double Helix’s staff speaking so passionately and letting gamers know they want to make KI have a magnificent comeback – which I appreciate because they have quite the pressure on them with Killer Instinct being such a classic legend. Double Helix can’t afford to fuck it up.  Moreover, this game can serve as a nice buffer to the Xbox One, especially after the nasty backlash the console experienced after its presentation on the 2013 E3.

Are you excited for the next chapter in the Killer Instinct universe?


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Let the console war begin! Part I

It’s here!

Yesterday was E3’s live streaming covering the PS4.  And, boy, what a show!  Sony’s presentation demonstrated why the PlayStation 4 has been proclaimed as “the most powerful console” out there.  Long story short, the PS4 ANNIHILATED Xbox One.  No questions about it.  I was going to review on the Xbox One before this post, but I’ll do it at a later time.  After yesterday’s demonstrations which included PS4 hardware, game play options, and price there is no way I wasn’t going to pay tribute to the PS4’s complete PWNAGE over Xbox One.  So with that, I summarized yesterday’s events into Three Amazing Facts explaining the how beautifully Sony’s PlayStation 4 murdered Microsoft’s Xbox One…  Let’s begin! 

“The PlayStation 4 won’t impose any new restrictions on used games.” – Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America

Amazing fact #1: No Game Restrictions

Sony staff made it specifically clear that the PS4 will support used games with no difficulty.  That right there was a fatal blow to Microsoft.  Microsoft announced that once an Xbox One game was purchased, the physical copy of the disk served as a license to play the game. The Xbox One will register the game and no other console would be able to use that disk…  Unless they pay for it.  So basically, a “bye-bye” to sharing games with friends and family.  The old days were you could ask  someone for a game just to try it out are over in the Xbox universe.  What kinda fucked up shit is that?!  Thankfully, Sony made an instructional video to help Microsoft understand the “strenuous” process of sharing games.  Oh!  And let’s not forget about the Xbox One NEEDING to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours in order to allow gaming – horse shit.  I don’t know about you, but one of the last things I want to worry about is making sure my console is connected to the internet or I’ll be fucked and not be able to play.  No, thank you.  PS4 FTW.  Done.

PS4 listened to the fans and it will show on sales no doubt.  The news of no game restrictions was received with blissful faces and a booming applause from the audience.  On one of my previous entries, I mentioned how one of the PS4’s main cornerstones was to embrace and enhance connectivity between people – and with this decision the company has stayed true to its vision.  Much respect.

Amazing fact #2: Price

I’ll make it sweet and simple: $399.00.  That’s it.  Yes, taxes and all other add-ons will increase the price you will end up paying at the cash register.  However, you’ll get to own the most powerful console known to man by paying less than if you were to buy a 1st gen predecessor.  Fundamentally, you get a console with top notch technology, capacity to play used games, and it’s around $100.00 than it’s “competition…”  Do I need to elaborate more?  Yes!  I can and I will!


Amazing Fact #3: Game Lineup

Since the PS4 started making it’s product known, Sony has used every second to impress its fans and newcomers alike with its uniqueness.  Microsoft, however, failed to do that.  During the Xbox One presentation, several of its “soon to be hits” games have PlayStation roots.  In what world did Microsoft thought that presenting a solid amount of games which have PlayStation-esque characteristics was such a phenomenal idea?  I have no idea what Microsoft is trying to achieve – it’s a freaking enigma.  On the other hand, Sony comes in strong with titles like Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Destiny.  All with a great fanbase.  All exclusive to the system.  Well fucking played, Sony.

Conclusion: Xbox One has died

With these 3 facts alone, the PlayStation 4 has proved that is will not disappoint – and it’s still not available in stores.  Sony has done an exceptional job not only delivering to gamers what they want, but also learning from the potentially fatal mistakes its competitors have made.  I’m not a PlayStation hardcore fan, but I can recognize an outstanding machine when I see one.  Let us welcome “the most powerful console!”

What are your thoughts on this console war?  Let me know!  See you around!


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Blowing a cartridge in 2013?!

WHOAH!  Apparently Summer 2013 will be FULL of awesome new tech for us Gamers to indulge in.  While researching for new material for my blog, I came across various articles with the words “Super Retro Console.”

And here it is!

Say hello to Super Retro Trio!

Super Retro Console plays SNES, NES, Genesis, GBA photo

This little baby right here had me spasm!  Named “Super Retro Trio,” will hit vendors during the summer and will give Players the ability to play NES, SNES, Genesis, and GBA (with an adapter that’s sold separately) on just one console.  How awesome is that shit?!

One of the best parts?  The price.  According to various articles I read, the console will be a measly $69.99!  The adapter (needed to play GBA games) is only $39.99.  To add to the excitement, a few articles mentioned there will be a bundle pack including the console and adapter for $89.99!  If that didn’t catch your attention, apart from the fact that you’ll be able to play motherfucking CLASSICS, I don’t know what will.

Surprisingly enough, I discovered there are other consoles out there in the market that have more or less the same functionality as the SRT.  I was surprised I have never heard of these consoles before and that none of my Gamer friends ever told me about these wondrous inventions…  Assholes.  Anyhow, moving on…

Bottom line, I support these consoles on their entirety mainly because of the efficiency and cost.  Purchasing the SRT is a HUGE money saver –  especially for us who want to rebuild/enhance our gaming library.  For example, some of us always had that “friend” who we lend them a game and never got it back.  OR your console gets busted open while you were moving your few pieces of furniture into your new apartment.  So having to spend less that $100.00 to basically own 4 different consoles sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.  That spare moolah from not having to buy 4 different consoles can be use to buy Mario Bros., Super Mario RPG, and Pokémon LeafGreen.  Oh, the wonderful memories…  Although I have to say that if it was up to me, Genesis would’ve not made the cut – I would’ve replaced Genesis with N64.  Personally I believe N64 is one of the best consoles ever created and the game roster was just phenomenally epic.  No disrespect to Genesis, but: N64 > Genesis.  Especially after looking through this Pretty Awesome Timeline.

Lastly, the soon-to-happen launch of the SRT made me think about new upcoming consoles – especially the OUYA.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember I discussed the new Android powered console OUYA, which is schedule to also hit the stores during the summer.  I wonder how the OUYA will navigate the waters not only competing against the Titan Console Trio (Wii, PS4, and Xbox One), but also with this magical instrument that conglomerates a vast number of finest games ever made.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on the Super Retro Trio?  Do you think it’s worth it?

See you around!


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The Power of Diversity.

While Flipboarding, I came across this article by Microsoft Studios regarding the impact of diversity in the world of gaming.  As a psychologist in the making, I could not resist the urge to devour the paragraphs addressing such sensitive, yet powerful aspect.

As a mental health professional, I’ve studied to great depths the role of diversity in human relations.  At the core, it affects the way we think about other people’s way of life (i.e., culture) in comparison to ours.  It’s a  constant “evaluation” we put others under our personal standards.  Standards that include what you were taught to be right, wrong, and what’s expected of you and other individuals in society.  Nevertheless, even people of the same group do not hold values at a same prestigious level.  Therefore, a myriad of the personalities are created every day – shaping and undergoing change everyday.  What makes the world such a wondrous place is the ability to find beauty in diversity. Encompassing such pulchritude, why wouldn’t videogames utilize diversity as a tool to enhance and the video gaming experience?

As I mentioned in previous entries, a videogame character’s aesthetics play a part in why we identify with whatever character.  But there are other factors that make characters appealing to each and everyone of us.  Gender, sexual orientation, gender identities, personal problems, a traumatic past…  It’s those personality traits and experiences that form each character’s unique stories that play a role in player-character “attunement” – and it’s a great advantage for game developers to understand and utilize diversity.  The more diverse the gaming world becomes, the more people games will be able to reach out too.  As a consequence, not only expanding the gamer population, but also obliterating the walls of racism, sexual biases, and discrimination.

As the article well stated, the world is changing and I could not agree more.  One example that’s becoming an active issue is the legalization of same-sex marriage (side note: to me it needs to be called marriage and nothing else) – and videogames are a great way to help tackle this issue.  How many new generation gamers were able to play out a homosexual relationship just because they felt like it thanks to Mass Effect 3?  I’m guessing a nice six figures.  Might be a small ripple in society,but still counts as something.  It is time for diversity of the world shows its face in the virtual universe more often.

What’s your opinion on diversity in gaming?  Do you think it’s something worthwhile for developers to look into?  Let me know!

See you around!

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