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Pikachu! Use… FETCH ME THAT APPLE…? Wait, WTF?!

October was full of gaming news and I deliciously devoured them for you – so let’s start immediately!

It has been rumored that the beloved pokémon, Pikachu, is getting its own videogame in the near future!  Exciting for everyone, right?  Well, not really.  Some are worried the delivery of this new game could translate into irreparable damage to the character’s fame.  Fair enough.  However, I believe Nintendo and fans of the franchise are worrying too much over nothing.

Pikachu has had its bad streak of horrendous games.  For example, the “Hey You!,  Pikachu!” game.  Some MAY disagree with me, but that game was beyond awful.  “Hey You, Pikachu!” basically involved you talking to Pikachu through voice controls trying to get it to do ordinary things like picking apples and walk to certain spots to complete “missions” in a certain amount of time – not that exciting.

I give Nintendo props for trying to be innovative at the time this game was released, which was around the year 2000.  HOWEVER, the game’s flaws outweighed the good.  First off, the voice controls were annoying and not culturally sensitive.  If you had an accent, forget it.  Pikachu was not going to pick up that fucking blue marble for you.  Oh, and the microphone itself was a masterpiece.  The phenomenal piece of hardware that didn’t work 80% of the time making you lose countless hours of your life repeating the same command to Pikachu 300 times.  Let’s add the low replay value due to the limited amount of levels you can explore and minimal commands you can give Pikachu.  There’s not that much was happening in that game really.  It was a flop – plain and simple.

What happened to Pikachu after the aforementioned fiasco?  Literally, nothing.  Gamers rarely recall or discuss “Hey You, Pikachu!”  Though the flop exists and it’s real, people still find this wonderful creature adorable and relevant in the gaming world.  Heck, I even dressed up as him for a costume party this year!  My logic: if the little critter survived “Hey You, Pikachu!” flawlessly, I believe he can survived any possible future game flop.  His image is untouched.  Gamers were not going to disregard such an iconic character over a single game disaster.  Pikachu is so famous that even non-gamers know about its existence. Nintendo and fans alike have no need to fret.

In all honesty, all developers need to do is learn from mistakes if indeed this upcoming game sucks.  No more, no less.  But what do you think?  That’s what I’m interested in!  Leave your comments below and I’ll see you around!

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Basically, in Ganondorf’s words, “What they can possibly hope to achieve?”

“I’m allowed to say, ‘meh.'”

That’s the attitude Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, has towards the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One systems’ game lineups.  He appears to feel there’s no threat en route to the Wii U because when in a console war “it’s all about the games.”  Reggie embellishes the latter statement claiming Nintendo’s ownership over unique and legendary franchises like Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong – and he is right…  To an extent.

I agree the titles mentioned above are indeed beyond greatness; however, I believe there’s a line between maintaining a positive attitude and beginning to sound bastardly cocky – which I feel the latter is what’s happening to Mr. President over there.  I understand being passionate about a console – as I am a Nintendo fan myself.  However, it’s not a real necessity to diminish others’ work, especially with no facts supporting such devaluing indications.  Don’t get me wrong, if something’s a piece of crap, I can acknowledge it and call it what it is: crap.  Nonetheless, as I wrote in my entries Part III – PlayStation 4: “The most powerful console” and Let the console war begin! Part III, NEITHER of Wii U’s rivals are opening with only “meh” category games.  N-E-I-T-H-E-R.

Reggie’s allowed to say “meh,” but that doesn’t take away the fact of it being a distasteful comment directed to the work of numerous individuals and marvelous gaming franchises.  It all makes it seem like if it’s not Nintendo, it sucks.  And that’s far away from the truth.

So what do you think about Reggie Fils-Aime’s expressions?  You already know mine, but I’m interested in yours.

See you around!


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