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Reborn Materia: FFVII

-Breaths heavily-

I can’t even even keep it together as I am writing this post!  It’s finally here:
Final Fantasy VII – The Remake

Sony is sure to keep PlayStation 4 on the map with this.  A remake for FFVII has been talked about for LONG YEARS now within gamers from all over advocating for such a masterpiece of a story to be retold through the power of new technologies.  I sustain the latter as a fact as the combined video count for the trailer surpasses 10 million views – more than various of the games trailers shown for E3 like Uncharted 4 and Halo 5.

It has come to my attention (sadly) that the new FFVII’s storyline will have drastic changes in comparison to the previous FFVII for the PlayStation. It rubs me the wrong way those kind of rumors are floating around (and I’ll be damn hurt to the deepest part of my core), but let’s be honest here: I am pretty certain that being able to play with such a beloved cast outweighs the fact of the story not being the exact same as it’s predecessor.  However, Tetsuya Nomura (Japanese video game artist, designer, and director for Square Enix), stated there are certain plots in the game will be left untouched.  Leaving us to think changes are to be expected.  Another one of the rumored changes was that the character list may be altered by adding and/or subtracting characters.  However, Nomura has confirmed the roster will be intact and moving on forward headstrong – YAAAAY!  Not saying I approve of changes, I am just saying it would be refreshing to not see them like this anymore:

With no release date yet, we can only sit and try to manage our anxiety and depressive symptoms while we wait for this wonderful for such treasure to materialize.  A release date of 2017 has been rumored.  Though it might be longer since Nomura is also working on Kingdom Hearts 3 which also does not have a release date – a handful for sure.

Are you ready?

What are your thoughts on this remake?  Are you excited as I am?  Let me know on the comments.  Also, remember to Like and Share.  See you around!

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#Progressive: Introducing the GayStation 4

As the social norms which dictate the real and tangible world are veering to a more progressive era, it is only natural the virtual world follows suit.  While Flipboarding the World Wide Web, I came across the following image and all I could do was smile and became obsessed with wanting to know all about it:

PS4 GayStation Edition

As unbelievable as it might seem to you for whatever reason, the GayStation is real – and it can be yours!  …but, for a price…

Sweden is currently celebrating Stockholm Pride 2014.  Apart from the fun, booze, and shenanigans people of all sexual orientations enjoy getting themselves into during these type of events, Prides all over the world also attempt to spread a sense of acceptance and unity – and Sweden is doing it right.  Promoted by the hashtag #thisisforthegaymers, a customized PlayStation 4 is being auctioned off during Stockholm Pride 2014 week (July 28th – August 2nd) to benefit the LGBT non-profit organization known as RFSL (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights) which focuses on improving LGBT individuals’ quality of life by political lobbying, social exposure activities, and providing exceptional emotional support.

The auction will end on August 2nd, so you better get your wallets ready!  Oh, by the way before I forget: the current auction is 19,200 Swedish krona.  That’s roughly 2,790 US dollars.  I just finished checking the bids here.  Although I know it ain’t me buying it because I’m not about that “making it rain” life just yet…  It is for a nice cause: 100% of the monetary collections will be donated to RFSL.

The GayStation includes:

  • 500 GB PlayStation 4
  • DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller & charger
  • Four electives PlayStation 4 games (cannot be Collector’s Edition games)
  • Mono headset for voice chat
  • Power cord
  • HDMI Cable

IF by any chance the person who buys the GayStation reads this, let me know!  I would LOVE to hear about the experience.  Even if the latter doesn’t occur, I want to note it’s been refreshing to read the overall accepting responses from people all over the world.  Throughout my search of the GayStation, I have yet to read a demeaning comment or slur.  People are complimenting the design; wishing to have the moolah to purchase said console; and congratulating Sweden for such a move.  You may categorize my persona as banal, but I consider Sweden’s GayStation a rather phenomenal, marvelous, and fundamental stride towards a path of acceptance, love, and the shattering of malicious stereotypes which damage the fabric of society and evolution.


What are your thoughts on the GayStation?  Let me know in the comment box below!  See you around!


Addendum: The bid ended on stated date with a closing bid of 28300 Swedish Krona, which is about 4110 U.S. Dollars!  Congratulations to the GayStation’s owner: “Pumpkaboo!”

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ps4 logo blue - playstation 4 logo


That is the word Sony chooses to describe PlayStaion 4’s future.  Gamers all over the world have been teased by Sony in these past few months with statements such as “epic stuff” which “can’t wait for E3” would be announced in due time.  One of the most shocking reveals were the several tweets by Chicago born (woot!) actor, Todd Stashwick, who shamelessly posted a selfie where he’s wearing a sensor suit and picture of dummies on the floor accompanied by the hashtags #uncharted #ps4.  SONY YOU’RE KILLING US HERE!

Uncharted is one of the most recognized franchises by PlayStation, so certainly many where hyperventilating the millisecond their eyes devoured these:



If that didn’t catch your attention, watch the released trailer below.  The overwhelming emotions that will want to burst from your chest will take your breath away.

As I wrote about it in my previous trilogy posts titled Let the console war begin!, PlayStation 4 slaughtered the competition and stayed on top since the beginning.  Xbox One does snag the title of “Fasting Selling Console” and the Wii U experienced a surprising boast with the releases of Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zeld: A Link Between World.  Nonetheless, with over one million units sold in North America in the first 24 hours, PlayStation 4 holds the title of Top Selling Console and is clearly a beast not to be overlooked.

What are your thoughts on the PS4?  Do you think PlayStation 4 will be overthrown at any time before the next Console War begins?  Let me know!

See you around!

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Let the console war begin! Part I

It’s here!

Yesterday was E3’s live streaming covering the PS4.  And, boy, what a show!  Sony’s presentation demonstrated why the PlayStation 4 has been proclaimed as “the most powerful console” out there.  Long story short, the PS4 ANNIHILATED Xbox One.  No questions about it.  I was going to review on the Xbox One before this post, but I’ll do it at a later time.  After yesterday’s demonstrations which included PS4 hardware, game play options, and price there is no way I wasn’t going to pay tribute to the PS4’s complete PWNAGE over Xbox One.  So with that, I summarized yesterday’s events into Three Amazing Facts explaining the how beautifully Sony’s PlayStation 4 murdered Microsoft’s Xbox One…  Let’s begin! 

“The PlayStation 4 won’t impose any new restrictions on used games.” – Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America

Amazing fact #1: No Game Restrictions

Sony staff made it specifically clear that the PS4 will support used games with no difficulty.  That right there was a fatal blow to Microsoft.  Microsoft announced that once an Xbox One game was purchased, the physical copy of the disk served as a license to play the game. The Xbox One will register the game and no other console would be able to use that disk…  Unless they pay for it.  So basically, a “bye-bye” to sharing games with friends and family.  The old days were you could ask  someone for a game just to try it out are over in the Xbox universe.  What kinda fucked up shit is that?!  Thankfully, Sony made an instructional video to help Microsoft understand the “strenuous” process of sharing games.  Oh!  And let’s not forget about the Xbox One NEEDING to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours in order to allow gaming – horse shit.  I don’t know about you, but one of the last things I want to worry about is making sure my console is connected to the internet or I’ll be fucked and not be able to play.  No, thank you.  PS4 FTW.  Done.

PS4 listened to the fans and it will show on sales no doubt.  The news of no game restrictions was received with blissful faces and a booming applause from the audience.  On one of my previous entries, I mentioned how one of the PS4’s main cornerstones was to embrace and enhance connectivity between people – and with this decision the company has stayed true to its vision.  Much respect.

Amazing fact #2: Price

I’ll make it sweet and simple: $399.00.  That’s it.  Yes, taxes and all other add-ons will increase the price you will end up paying at the cash register.  However, you’ll get to own the most powerful console known to man by paying less than if you were to buy a 1st gen predecessor.  Fundamentally, you get a console with top notch technology, capacity to play used games, and it’s around $100.00 than it’s “competition…”  Do I need to elaborate more?  Yes!  I can and I will!


Amazing Fact #3: Game Lineup

Since the PS4 started making it’s product known, Sony has used every second to impress its fans and newcomers alike with its uniqueness.  Microsoft, however, failed to do that.  During the Xbox One presentation, several of its “soon to be hits” games have PlayStation roots.  In what world did Microsoft thought that presenting a solid amount of games which have PlayStation-esque characteristics was such a phenomenal idea?  I have no idea what Microsoft is trying to achieve – it’s a freaking enigma.  On the other hand, Sony comes in strong with titles like Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Destiny.  All with a great fanbase.  All exclusive to the system.  Well fucking played, Sony.

Conclusion: Xbox One has died

With these 3 facts alone, the PlayStation 4 has proved that is will not disappoint – and it’s still not available in stores.  Sony has done an exceptional job not only delivering to gamers what they want, but also learning from the potentially fatal mistakes its competitors have made.  I’m not a PlayStation hardcore fan, but I can recognize an outstanding machine when I see one.  Let us welcome “the most powerful console!”

What are your thoughts on this console war?  Let me know!  See you around!


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Part III – PlayStation 4: “The most powerful console”

Part III?  Why, OF COURSE!  As I mentioned in my previous entry, the PS4 left us with much to talk about.  So now, on to the fun stuff: videogame releases for the PlayStation 4.


Killzone: Shadow Fall


At one point during the PS4’s announcement, co-founder of Gorilla Games, Herman Hurst, takes the stage and transports us to the universe of Killzone: Shadow Fall.  In this first person shooter a war between factions has begun in an intergalactic setting.  Opening scene: you’re in a spaceship flying over a beautiful architecture of alluring plazas and elegant buildings. Once you arrive to your destination and being treated like an (almost) V.I.P. …  BOOM!  Alarms go off; the ground begins to shake; and before you can even make sense of what the heck is happening, an explosion knocks you unconscious and all you see while blacking out is a wall of fire coming your way.  Pretty fucking scary… You finally get out of your mini-coma state only to see this asshole trying to make a bullet a permanent part of your face. 

The AssholeImage


In matter of minutes into the game you’re stabbing the same motherfucker in the neck; find yourself in the middle of a shooting fest; and finish up grasping for dear life from a motherfucking rope attached to a flying space craft while some douche is trying to shoot you.  Two words: FUCKING AWESOME!  Yes, you got your pistols, rifles, scopes, and grenades – the usual.  But KSF appears to have gone above and beyond to make its gameplay far more interactive than normal FPSs which I believe will be its highlight (still impressed by the rope scene. Ah, love it!).




From the warzone to the streets!  Sony has waited 10 long years to finally develop one of the most gorgeously crafted driving games I have seen, I am willing to bet, ever – all thanks to PS4 technology.  The result? DriveClub was born.  The game gave me a Need For Speed vibe, but the graphics…  Oh, my GOD!  I don’t know if the trailer showed cut scenes or actual gameplay graphics (which I pray to whatever divine entity out there is the latter), but damn they were stellar.  The graphics looked INSANELY real – to the point that I believe if you lick the screen I bet you’ll be able to taste the fucking leather on those seats.  Backpacking out of my obvious love with these graphics, there was a cut scene during the announcement of a game titled Deep Down and it was almost like watching a movie in HD – I almost died.

But wait!  There’s more!

How about we visit the supernatural for a brief moment?  Between a guy spewing fireballs and fabricating swirling infernos out of thin air in a heavily guarded city, The Sucker Punch’s game Infamous – Second Son makes its presence known.  Not much of a storyline could be taken out of the trailer for this game; however, I believe it’s a wonderful addition to the PS4 releases.

I have to admit Sony has targeted a vast range of gaming styles.  Take the games The Witness which is basically a puzzle solving game.  Not excited over it, certainly not needed to take so much screen time during the PlayStation 4’s announcement, but I can’t judge.  Just because it’s not my cup of tea to sit down in front of the PS4 to connect dots on a screen, doesn’t mean other Gamers out there don’t enjoy it.  Other games announced included Diablo III (a roleplaying game centered on investigating a celestial mystery) and Destiny (a captivating FPS which has been predicted to be the next mind-blowing game for the Ps4) which certainly will not disappoint. 


Watch Dogs


Now on to my favorite: Watch Dogs.  By the middle of the trailer for this game I wanted to fast forward to the day I will be able to purchase such beauty.  And the fact that it takes place in Chicago?  MY current city?!  It’s a must have.  The demo demonstration during the announcement got me intrigued from start to finish.  Watching the main character walk around streets I visit on the regular tapping into people’s personal devices and gain access to whatever private data without no one noticing gave it SUCH an exciting/scary atmosphere.  And I loved every single second.  All of the sudden you’re chasing and putting a random street thug out of his misery only to have the Chicago Police Department on your ass!  But don’t fret.  You end up jumping on one of the  CTA’s (Chicago Transit Authority) trains and escape…  It had me at edge of my SEAT!

PlaySation 4 has proven itself to be a phenomenally POWERFUL system.  With software engines working only to enhance graphics; the push for enrichment of social connection; and array of features to please almost everyone in the fucking world, I believe other consoles have quite some homework to do if they don’t want to be left in the shadows.  Yes, we have to wait until “Holiday 2013” to get out hands on such machine.  And if the PS4 lives up to the high expectations, I could not care less if it’s released it December 31, 2013.

Well, that’s what I got for you regarding the PlayStation 4.  Any questions, things you believe I should review, etc., don’t hesitate to contact me.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the informative read! 

See you around!

(P.S. Below are the trailers for each of the games I mentioned in this post.)

Killzone: Shadow Fall


Deep Down

Infamous – Second Son

The Witness

Diablo III


Watch Dogs

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